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Indian Film Industry aka Bollywood aka HiFI have seen for eras to eras Film Makers {Producers/Directors} introducing Actors. Actress and all those who have the talent in front of the camera or behind it! There may very few Actor/Actress who must have introduced another Actor/Actress in Indian Film Industry! Alas! Out here people get so enclosed in their own self, in the power of fame, money and ego that they won’t even help someone of their own even though that person has talent!

There have been many struggle stories of all those talented people who had to struggle half of their life to be in the showbiz and shocking some of them belongs to famous family whose one person was or still is a famous Actor, Actress, Director, Producer, Villain, Singer, Music Composer and etc. etc. and yet his own family member had to struggle to make a name of his/her self in Indian Film Industry!

I’m not going to share any names out here. Because my blog post has got nothing to do with struggle stories or how selfish can showbiz be sometimes, neither it’s about egos and self-center people! But it’s about one man who was born in the house of Indian Film Industry famous script writer the Legendary SALIM KHAN who the whole Indian Film Industry knew but the man didn’t asked his own father to make a film for him but went out to be a self-made man SALMAN KHAN!

SALMAN KHAN is not only a self-made Mega Superstar of Indian Film Industry today but someone who has laid {still does} a helping ladder for others to climb and turn their dreams into reality! And it’s not only new comers but even people who have been in the HiFI for years and years but have only achieve a massive new height to their name and fame after working with SALMAN KHAN!

SALMAN KHAN IMPACT this created title by me really gel with SALMAN KHAN as due to his impact many struggles and knowable people found new fame by just working with him! He is one actor who from his debut days has never been insecure about anyone or anything and till today even being Mega Superstar he never feels insecure about anyone or anything!

Media says that SALMAN KHAN Craze on his fans happen only after DABANGG but if you check out his work profile he was never out of work since his debut film in fact he has done more than two to three films in one year but in those days there were no titles like Blockbuster or 100cr so it even the super hit and hit films didn’t made that massive news like it does today. But each of his films were Hit or Super hit! And even then his fans loved for him was at its height as it is now the only thing was that one couldn’t express it much than due to lack of technology which one does it now at the click of a button.

I won’t deny that ARBAAZ KHAN’s DABANGG was the starting point of SALMAN KHAN back to back block buster films I won’t also deny that it was DABANGG SALMAN {CHUBUL PANDEY} KHAN which was loved by not only his fans but even the critics {who feel pain to write something good about{SALMAN KHAN} and the Award Function Juries {Mostly Paid Ones} who gave SALMAN KHAN much deserving award for BEST ACTOR {DABANGG} after 28th years of his work in the HiFI when he should have got the BEST ACTOR AWARD for TERE NAAM and for all those Super Hit Films which have become movie icon in the Indian Film Industry Records Two of the biggest super hit movie MAIN PYAR KIYA and HUM AAPKE HAI KOUN! Where everyone gets an award except these two super hit icon movie solo hero SALMAN KHAN!

SALMAN KHAN has always says that for him Rewards are more important than Awards and its true because for his lovable hard cord and loyal fans nothing matter, all that matters is SALMAN KHAN and so it doesn’t matter how bad the critics write about his movies or if he doesn’t win any awards all his films have earn and given one thing to his loyal fans and that is pure ENTERTAINMENT!

SALMAN KHAN today is a one man industry. In fact like some media people who are not working on SALMAN KHAN PAID SALARY but genuinely feels that SALMAN KHAN Runs HiFI and HiFI doesn’t run SALMAN KHAN! Though SALMAN KHAN won’t believe in this because for him it’s always a team work and it’s a fact that whenever Indian Film Industry need that much need boost it was Only a SALMAN KHAN movie which gave them that!

SALMAN KHAN Movies has not only created box office records but has given so many new leases to other people who are part of HiFI in their life. No another hero who has given super hit films in his career would work with new actress opposite him. In fact out here if the film is super hit the same pair is used and is named the lucky pair. But SALMAN KHAN never felt this way he always says the real HERO is the SCRIPT and if the script excite him than rest doesn’t matter! And so compare to other heroes he is the one who even after giving a super hit film MAIN PYAR KIYA and being a heartthrob of many, worked with new actress and made the films super hit and even now this hasn’t changed.


SALMAN KHAN who was first signed by Producer Suresh Bhagat for BIWI HO TO AISI {1988} which was his debut film and later Director Sooraj R. Barjatya signed him as a hero in MAIN PYAR KIYA {1989} always had this thing in mind that whenever he will get a chance to help some newcomer he will do it. And perhaps that was the reason he never said no to work with new actress or new directors even when he was a top hero and even now when he is a mega superstar!

SALMAN KHAN not only worked with new actress but even those who had done few films but the limelight didn’t shine on them much like Katrina Kaif who first film BOOM came and no one notice it but it was PARTNER which was Producer by SOHAIL KHAN which gave her the much need boost. Today she is counted among the top actress of HiFI she has worked with big banner and top actors but its SALMAN KHAN who people love to see her with and it’s with SALMAN KHAN that she has two of the biggest block buster in her work resume card EK THA TIGER and TIGER ZINDA HAI!

Coming to EK THA TIGER SALMAN KHAN IMPACT was not only in Katrina Kaif career but even the film Director Kabir Khan who had directed few films before but it was only after working with SALMAN KHAN in EK THA TIGER and later in BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN and TUBELIGHT his name was added in the hit Directors list, in fact EK THA TIGER also gave the much need boost to Producer Aditya Chopra and his banner who had some flop and not so well run at the box-office movies before SALMAN KHAN worked with him for the first time in EK THA TIGER and later in SULTAN and TIGER ZINDA HAI which create not only box office history but gave the much needed boost to the banner!

SALMAN KHAN IMPACT doesn’t only falls on Actors/Actress but even on Banner and Directors. No matter how top a Banner is or how award winning the director is he/she still doesn’t get the huge amount of appreciation or height of success unless they work with SALMAN KHAN

Kindly note I’m not writing this post to insult anyone. But I’m just writing some facts. Which all of us know but few say it while rest want to ignore it to satisfied their fake egos but the fact is that it’s SALMAN KHAN who gave Director Ali Abbas Zafar {SULTAN and TIGER ZINDA HAI} two massive block buster films and it’s a fact that no matter how many films Ali Abbas Zafar will direct he shall be more remember for SULTAN and TIGER ZINDA HAI! Just like Kabir Khan is remember for EK THA TIGER and BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN!

SALMAN KHAN and Director Sooraj Barjatya are thick of friends each of them started their career together and gave two of Indian Film Industry super hit film {Blockbuster} MAIN PYAR KIYA and HUM AAPKE HAI KOUN! Both of them have respect for each other but due some circumstance Sooraj Barjatya banner Rajshri Productions stop working with SALMAN KHAN after HUM SAATH SAATH HAI and worked with other heroes and all those films didn’t create box office magic the way PREM RATAN DHAN PAYO {2015} did where Sooraj Barjatya and his banner Rajshri Productions once again after many years gap worked with their favourite hero SALMAN KHAN!

SALMNA KHAN IMPACT hasn’t only done wonders for others knowable film makers and banner. But even he creates an Impact on his own family home production. Usually when one works for his own home production one wants the best. But SALMAN KHAN who is the most secure actor in HiFI never felt a bit of doubt to work with a new actress Sonakshi Sinha or the new director Abhinav Kashyap in his brother ARBAAZ KHAN debut produce film DABANGG {2010} he always felt that if someone has the talent than that talent shouldn’t go waste. 

DABANGG was ARBAAZ KHAN Debut as a Producer and if he wanted he could have signed a famous director and an actress but he introduce a new actress Sonakshi Sinha and a new director Abhinav Kashyap because he too had the same feeling like his brother SALMAN KHAN that he couldn’t fail as the script of DABANGG was super and not to forget he had SALMAN KHAN to create the magic at the box office!

DABANGG did just that not only he create super box office magic but with it started a new trend of 100cr club and SALMAN KHAN went out to give back to back #SalmanKhan13thConsecutive100cr records which no other actor in Indian Film Industry holds!
#DaBangg 2010
#Ready 2011
#Bodyguard 2011
#ETT 2012
#Dabangg2 2012
#Jaiho 2014
#Kick 2014
#BajrangiBhaijaan 2015
#Sultan 2016
#Tubelight 2017
#TigerZindaHai 2017
#Race3 2018


I missed SALMAN KHAN Movie in the year 2013 else few more records would have been created. But more smashing records are in store by SALMAN KHAN for sure!

SALMAN KHAN is not someone who is egoist he could be misunderstood by few but by only those who don’t use their brains and listen more to lies just like Director Abhinav Kashyap did by listening to his own brother who had abuse the #KhanBros on social site {Perhaps he was jealousy with his own brother who had become more famous than him} and destroy his work relationship with the #KhanBros and today he is remember only as the Director of DABANGG as after that no one knows him {Thanks to his own brother} Alas! Like others even he would have been given more chance to direct some box office records and one of it would had been DABANGG2 which was director by ARBAAZ KHAN and went out to create another box office history!

SALMAN KHAN doesn’t make or break someone none of us can do that. But yes I would say that GOD BLESSING IS UPON SALMAN KHAN because he helps so many people! And not only those who holds famous surnames behind their name but he has turned back-up dancer like Daisy Shah and Zarine Khan into actress today by working opposite them. Which no other hero would do unless he himself is a newcomer so it takes lots of guts to work with a whole new team when one is a mega superstar  himself but SALMAN KHAN has that guts because he is a secure guy!

SALMAN KHAN helping hand has re-introduced not only people who work in front of the camera but also those who are behind the camera. From singers to music composer have felt the extra power to their names by just working with SALMAN KHAN!


SALMAN KHAN IMPACT has done wonders for music composers Himesh Reshammiya, Sajid, Wajid, and Amal Malik to singers. These composer and singers or for the matter Directors to Actors/Actress few of them were not introduce by SALMAN KHAN but even after working in film for years they never got that fame till they work with SALMAN KHAN few names would be Music Composer Himesh Reshammiya. Actress Jacqueline Fernandez and Director Remo D'Souza all these people have worked before but only after working with SALMAN KHAN they achieve new success height!

SALMAN KHAN never felt insecure with working with two hero films if the script demands, in fact he must have worked with all the top heroes of HiFI and yet shine out on his own because he never believe in playing unfair with his co-stars by editing their roles or demanding the best of Dialogues and more screen presences. He always worked keeping the script in mind and being the most secure actor he never felt an inch of doubt about his roles in any two hero’s film project!

In fact even in his own home production you will always find every co-star getting the best of screen presences and dialogues. Govinda had the best of screen presences, dialogues, songs in PARTNER {2007} when it was SALMAN KHAN family home production as SOHAIL KHAN was the Producer of PARTNER!

Just like that if you take ARBAAZ KHAN DABANGG {2010} if one appreciate Chubul Pandey {SALMAN KHAN} one can’t deny appreciating Cheddi Singh {Sonu Sood}who was given good dialogues and screen presences even though the film was a family home production of the #KhanBros SALMAN KHAN and ARBAAZ KHAN!

Not only the home production house of ARBAAZ KHAN SOHAIL KHAN ATUL AGNIHOTRI even SALMAN KHAN own production house SALMAN KHAN FILMS aka SK Ventures one will see new talents giving a good platform and great written roles like the recent film SALMAN KHAN film Race 3 which be a part of SALMAN KHAN FILMS yet one can see that every actor was given the right scene presence.  

SALMAN KHAN works keeping the script in mind and if he thinks that this actor would suit the role he will never think twice about it and sometimes recommend the actors name to the Producer and Director and no actor who has worked with SALMAN KHAN had ever said that his/her role was edit out at the editor room. From Randeep Hood who worked with SALMAN KHAN in {Kick/Sultan} and was appreciate by all and never felt cheated. The same can be said about Nawazuddin Siddiqui who worked with SALMAN KHAN {KICK/BAJRANGI BHAIJAAN} and his role too was appreciated!

SALMAN KHAN this name has been loved by many and has also been envy by many. I feel when one is famous one has few friends but many enemies! And SALMAN KHAN has always been envied by many, people have no time to talk about serious matter but anything regarding SALMAN KHAN and the whole social site and media fire up especially when he creates box office history, his century old negative news makes round all over!

SALMAN KHAN Fans also gives them back as they know that these people are just getting envy and jealous and act cheap by abusing him on social sites. As for me I feel SALMAN KHAN this name also has an IMPACT on his haters as all of them talk just about SALMAN KHAN 24x7 and nothing else and feel happy to get few RT and LIKES on their social account pages! But they forget buzzing of insects doesn’t make the king of jungle Lion forget it’s roaring!

SALMAN KHAN IMPACT doesn’t hold only on silver screen even his two shows on TV. BIGG BOSS where as Host he has create new TV Ratings and by public demand he has been hosting the show for last 8 years and will continue to do so as he has been appreciate for his hosting by the public and also DUS KA DUM where again the makers waited for SALMAN KHAN for years till he gave the nod to host the show which is running successfully on the TV!

SALMAN KHAN has proven that many times by creating box office records and leading a helping hand not only to newcomers but also to those who needed the much waited hit in their career the latest example can be seen in RACE 3 where the whole team shared a new success due to only one man….MAGNIFICENT SALMAN KHAN!